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Fabio Besti

by Fabio Besti [1], Redazione FGB [2], 23 October 2017

(2019, January)

Fabio Besti [3] is an interdisciplinary designer and independent researcher. He holds a master degree in Product Design for Innovation from Politecnico di Milano, obtained developing an experimental project on wearable technology in collaboration with the Californian brand Jawbone. For the Bassetti Foundation he is a strategic consultant in the fields of design, mobility and academic activities. He created and conducted courses, workshops and lectures for schools such as Domus Academy and Politecnico di Milano.

He runs his design studio in Milan, helping organizations internationally to innovate through a multidisciplinary design approach, integrating disciplines such as branding, storytelling, UX/UI and strategic design. With his activity, he has developed projects for brands and organizations such as Jawbone, Benetton, Corriere della Sera, Leonardiana Museum, NicePeopleAtWork e Giunti Editore.


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Fabio Besti




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