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Anna Pellizzone

by Anna Pellizzone [1], Redazione FGB [2], 5 February 2016

(2017, January)

Anna Pellizzone is a science writer and an independent researcher. Natural scientist, she holds a master in Science Communication and a PhD in Earth Sciences, obtained with a thesis on the social impact of geothermal technologies in collaboration with the Italian National Research Council.
Since 2016 Anna has been collaborating with Fondazione Bassetti on the SMART-map project and many other activities around Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), public engagement, academics lectures and communication.
Her research interests are focused on public engagement with renewable energy technologies and RRI; she is author of several academic papers on this issue and she is reviewer for the international journal Energy Policy.
Since 2006 she has been writing also for generalist newspapers, magazines and websites, including Corriere della Sera, L'Espresso and Colors.


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Anna Pellizzone




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