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Francesco Samorè

by Francesco Samorè [1], 10 March 2014

(Update: January 16, 2019)

He was Scientific Director of the Giannino Bassetti Foundation from 2011 and has been General Secretary since 2015. In fulfilling his current role he is responsible for managing the relationships between the Foundation and and its business and public and private institutional partners in Italy and overseas.

He holds a degree in Economic history and a PhD in the History of Business Enterprise and Finance, and is author of a host of books and articles focusing on the structure of the contemporary Italian economy and biographical studies of business leaders. His most recent publication is Guardare Oltre. Innovazione e politica nell'esperienza di Piero Bassetti [2] (Carocci 2019). 

He has been Lecturer at the Milan Polytechnic since 2014 and member of the Board of Directors of the Società di Incoraggiamento Arti e Mestieri (SIAM 1838) since 2018.


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Francesco Samorè




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