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Comment on the new site

by Redazione FGB [1], 15 October 2012

The site has undergone a radical restructuring.
We wanted to respond to seven points posed by the development both of the Bassetti Foundation itself and of its online network.

- easier access to materials related to the Bassetti Foundation
- better service for the different types of site visitor
- the problem of the temporally stratified nature of activities, its essence and its value
- issues related to the navigator's orientation due to the large amount of stimulus available on the web.
- respond to the new modes of web fruition (social networking etc)
- correction of problems relative to site visitor analysis
- appealing graphics and uniformity of the images coordinated by the Foundation

What do you think? Write your comment below and please send any suggestions or ideas. When possible we will act upon them immediately, we will bear more complex issues in mind from the day we receive them, because the next new project is just round the corner.

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