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Newsletter for April 2017

by Redazione FGB [1], 12 April 2017


Dear Friends of the foundation, welcome.
We are pleased to offer our first 2017 newsletter, sharing a full first quarter of experience.
The SMARTmap project is up and running, while our website offers rich pickings of videos, photo galleries, reports and a host of other materials related to the work carried out in these the first months of activity.

Firstly, we open with the relationship between the Bassetti Foundation and the Regional Government of Lombardy on the wave of the Lombardy Research and Innovation law, which now includes the concept of responsibility in innovation. To learn more about the visit by Regional President Roberto Maroni, Counsellor Luca Del Gobbo and Roberto Albonetti from the Directorate General of Universities, Research and Open innovation, read the dedicated post. [2].

Regione Lombardia e Fondazione Bassetti [3]

We have also been privileged in hosting several other illustrious guests here in our conference suite in Milan, in particular David Guston [4] from Arizona State University and Silvia Camporesi [5] of King's College London.

[6]David Guston [7]Silvia Camporesi [8]

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Responsibility Innovation &

SMART-map Project [9]

Logo FGB

25 January 2017

The SMARTmap project (RoadMAPs to Societal Mobilisation for the Advancement of Responsible Industrial Technologies) presented in Milan on 9 May 2016 is up and running. Our own Angela Simone is Deputy Coordinator, and together with colleagues from Denmark, UK, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Austria the foundation is contributing to the success of the Industrial Dialogues (ID). These dialogues will lead to the construction of maps for responsible innovation in the 3D biomedical printing, synthetic biology and precision medicine sectors. The Foundation will host the second ID dedicated to 3D printing in May, and the first meeting of the Advisory Board in July, made up of an expert group, the SMARTmap Angels, and the Societal Watchdog, a group of civil society representatives,. To learn more read the post. >>> [10]

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The World of Primo Levi [11]

I mondi di Primo Levi

by Anna Pellizzone - 17 February 2017

Primo Levi was a chemist, writer, maker and testimony to Auschwitz. In order to represent this complexity, the itinerant exhibition "I mondi di Primo Levi" was created by the Centro Internazionale di Studi Primo Levi in Torino. From 1 December 2016 to 19 February 2017 the exhibition was hosted by the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, with support from Material ConneXion Italia and the collaboration of the Associazione Figli della Shoah. Thanks to friend of the Bassetti Foundation Rodrigo Rodriquez we participated in the "Incrocio tra curatela e progettualità" presentation held by Prof. Fabio Levi, curator of the exhibition and Architect Gianfranco Cavaglià, exhibition designer. Read the report and browse the photographs here. >>> [12]

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Philanthropy: the case of Réseau Entreprendre Lombardy [13]


by Marta Abbà - November 2016 / January 2017

Philanthropy and business: the case of Réseau Entreprendre Lombardia (REL) through an interview with Andrea Caraceni, REL Treasurer, Marta Abbà explains how a network of experts and professionals can make a difference, offering their services freely to new imprenditorial activities. >>> [14]

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Responsibility Innovation &

Think / act responsibility within innovation [15]

Pensare / agire la responsabilità nell'innovazione

by Giampaolo Azzoni - 27 February 2017

The foundation was created to spread understanding of the impact of innovation on history and to raise the issue of responsibility. Today as the general public is becoming ever more aware of these themes, we propose some as yet unpublished thoughts written by Giampaolo Azzoni in 2010, that reveal themselves extremely relevant today. >>> [16]

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Journal of Responsible Innovation, Vol 3, Issue 2 and 3 Reviewed [17]

Journal of Responsible Innovation

by Jonny Hankins - February / March 2017

This year we continue with the regular reviews of the Journal of Responsible Innovation authored by Jonny Hankins. The Foundation holds a seat on the Editorial Board of the Journal, founded by David Guston and currently presided over and edited by Erik Fisher. As the reviews describe, the second issue of the volume is dedicated to the analysis of barriers to responsible innovation, while the third issue describes the various frameworks for responsible innovation and proposes some thoughts on the transformation of theoretical concepts into practical actions, adaptable for the plurality of contexts found across the global world. >>> [18]

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Responsibility Innovation &

Trust in expert knowledge in medicine and Technoscience: A meeting with Silvia Camporesi [19]

Incontro con Silvia Camporesi

February 2017

Within the context of the complex relationship between innovation and its various social actors, the concept of responsibility is underpinned by trust in expert knowledge. This said, it is plain to see that in recent years there has been a flux in this trust, a crisis that poses ethical, epistemological and political questions. In a lively seminar held at the Foundation in Milan, Silvia Camporesi Lecturer in Bioethics & Society in the Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine at King's College London and Director of the Bioethics & Society Master's programme, King's College London presented the results and some thoughts on the "Investigating Trust in Expert knowledge" International symposium, coordinated by Camporesi herself and resulting in a special issue of the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. The post offers access to all of the materials. >>> [20]

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Milano World Bioethics Day 2016 - videos [21]

Milano World Bioethics Day 2016 - i video

2 February 2017

Last year on 19 October World Bioethics Day was celebrated across the globe. In Italy the initiative "Conversations on human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedom", was organized by the Università degli Studi di Milano in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics in Haifa. The Bassetti Foundation was part of the honorary delegation for the day. We offer video of the entire day, full of interesting presentations including those from Virginia Sanchini and Mariachiara Tallacchini. >>> [22]

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Hello, Robot. Design between Humans and Machines. [23]

Hello, Robot. Il design tra uomo e macchina.

by Anna Pellizzone - 14 February 2017

Artificial intelligence, algorithms, self driving cars. How is robotics changing our lives? And how is design changing robotics? Anna Pellizzone presents "Hello, Robot, Design between Human and Machine", the exhibition inaugurated in February at the Vitra Design Museum in Basilea that offers reflection upon the roles of designers as leaders in the development of the human / machine interface. With the report you can also find photos and videos. >>> [24]

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Game Changing Innovation and responsibility, A Dialogue with David Guston. [25]

Innovazioni di frontiera e responsabilità. Un dialogo con David Guston.

by Angela Simone - 29 November 2016

In November the Bassetti Foundation hosted Professor David Guston, Founding Director of the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and Co-Director of the Institute for the Future of Innovation in Society Arizona State University. Professor Guston spoke on Synbio and held a lecture titled "From Frankenstein to Synthetic Biology: Responsible Innovation and the Insufficiency of 'Cool'". What food for thought can the story by Mary Shelley offer on the relationship between synthetic biology and responsibility? We have all the materials collected here. >>> [26]

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Responsibility Innovation &

Venture Capital and the Healthcare Sector [27]

Venture Capital e Sanitario

by Stefano Regondi - November 2016 / January 2017

How is responsibility tied to the financial world? Stefano Regondi, Director General of Extra Moenia, takes us on a voyage of discovery of venture capital and the healthcare sector through the cases of Principia, Italian Angels for Growth, and Panakes Sgr and Wise. >>> [28]

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DigiDig: a manifesto for algorithm and freedom. [29]

DigiDig: un manifesto sull'Algoritmo e la libertà

8 March 2017

Constantly connected, guided and followed; on the one hand we are offered previously unimagineable opportunities. On the other we feel controlled, if not trapped. The question is: are we more or less free? We spoke to Digidig – Questioning the Algorithm Society, a community that concentrates on transformations produced by the algorithm society, publishing an online manifesto that declares its intentions and position. >>> [30]

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