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Newsletter for November 2016

by Redazione FGB [1], 21 November 2016


Just a few days after David Guston's visit [2] to the Bassetti Foundation, an event that represents part of the dialogue that the Foundation carries out with extra European organizations that work within responsible innovation, we send out our regular newsletter, dense as usual with reports, articles and other materials.

Please write to offer any feedback.

The last newsletter opened with the video-storytelling of the Foundation (if you would like to re-view it, you can find it on the website homepage and here [3]). 
This issue opens with the video of a special event that we were involved in at the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci" (Science and Technology Museum) for Meet Me Tonight - La notte dei Ricercatori a Milano (Milan Researchers Night): it is a real 3D printing process [4].
A judge and a lawyer, from the defence and the prosecution, make arguments to sustain their positions: are we dealing with another new toy or a revolution?  

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Journal of Responsible Innovation, Vol 3, Issue 1 Reviewed [6]

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by Jonathan Hankins - 30 September 2016

The early part of this summer saw the the publication of issue 1 of the third volume of the Journal of Responsible Innovation, founded by David Guston and currently in its third and most successful year. The journal aims to articulate, reinforce and raise fundamental issues for the future prospects and roles of responsibility in research and development processes. The journal represents a space for the discussion on ethical themes, as well as those social and related to governance brought up by an innovation driven society. The Foundation website regularly publishes a review of the journal written by Jonathan Hankins, a member of the Journal Editorial Board and regular contributor. >>> [7]

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Medical Robotics and its Economic Sustainability [8]

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by Stefano Regondi - 28 July 2016

We have monitored and carried out surveys within the international field of industrial producers of robotic machinery in the healthcare sector, who have to deal with limits imposed by different countries. The article also includes a brief interview with the CEO of TransEnterix, Mr. Todd Pope. >>> [9]

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Cellular Avatar for the Development of New Medicines for the Diseases of Ageing [10]

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by Luca Marelli - 4 October 2016

Real 'cellular avatar' will be used for the experimentation of new medicines and the development of innovative regenerative therapies.
An article by Marelli and part of the Foundation's collaboration within the publication of "Extra Moenia" by Pearson-Mondadori that we wrote about in the last newsletter, made possible by Stefano Ragondi's work, Director of the journal and Foundation collaborator . >>> [11]

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World Bioethics Day 2016 [12]

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by Redazione FGB - 6 October 2016

During the 11th UNESCO Chair in Bioethics held last year in Naples, the first world day of bioethics was nominated: the World Bioethics Day 2016 Human Dignity and Human Rights occurred on 19 October 2016.
To celebrate the event the Foundation was invited to participate in the Honorary Committee.
Lawyers, philosophers of law, moral philosophers, bioethicists and sociologists together debated the theme of human dignity, consensus and participation. The Foundation filmed the event, video of which will be available soon, for now photos are available through our Flikr account. >>> [13]

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As part of the Triennale XX1, The Bassetti Foundation participated with a program of reflections on the changing relationship between technological work, people and the city. The program was within a broad range of activities around the New Craft exhibition - curated by Stefano Micelli - at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milano. The events that we participated in or followed closely are documented with reports, photographs and videos.

Labour versus labour [14]

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April - September 2016

The chain of events started with the visit to San Francisco in 2013 born from our wish to bring our institutions, the relevant cultural organizations and companies from out territory, to meet the makers movement, based in the USA and captained by Chris Anderson.
After a journey that involved various other events, this year we all met again in the Trienale and New Craft exhibitions, both protagonists of the trip and who have developed the ideas since then. Once the links to the first trip had been established and explained (see video [15]) we went ahead.
Labour versus Labour was a day and a half of meetings in April, involving four panels. Developments are documented on the website through video, reports and photographs .
From Innovating with Beauty to New Craft: Connecting the Dots. [16]
Report by Niccolò Natali - 1 September 2016
Models after Models: Trickling up the innovation pyramid a cura di De-Lab. [17]
Report by Niccolò Natali - 1 September 2016
ADDITTIVE ManifaCURing. DESIGN FOR THE CURE a cura di Angela Simone. [18]
Report by Niccolò Natali - 5 September 2016
Labour versus Labour, rethinking work in a digital society. [19]
Report by Niccolò Natali - 6 September 2016

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Manifattura 4.0 : the Role of Artisan Values [20]

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Report by Niccolò Natali - 16 September 2016

The New Craft event contained numerous moments of great interest. From those in June we followed the conference curated by Confartigianato and Polifactory (Politecnic of Milano) dedicated to new manufacturing techniques. We have reports, video and photographs. >>> [21]

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City+Design in Transition. [22]

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Report by Niccolò Natali - 11 October 2016

The last chapter in an intense series of events within the framework of the XX1 Triennale and the New Craft exhibition, the international day on the digital manufacturing phenomena was much more an opening that a closure. It represented an opening of dialogue with those European realities that have begun a path similar to those that we have studied. As usual, report, video and photographs available. >>> [23]

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Process with 3D Printer. Meet me Tonight 2016 [24]

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Video and photographs by Tommaso Correale Santacroce - 21 October 2016

The National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan "Leonardo da Vinci" invited the foundation to "position" the 3D printing process presented at the top of this newsletter, almost to signal a new chapter in the trip to San Francisco mentioned above, one that arrived at New Craft. We have produced a video, almost a film, to follow the process from start to finish. >>> [25]

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Innovation pills [26]

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by Massimiano Bucchi and Tommaso Correale Santacroce - July 2016

All 5 of the Pillole di Innovazione by Massimiano Bucchi are online.
Recently Bucchi published "Per un pugno d'idee" (For a Fist full Of Ideas, Bompiani Editore). A collection of innovation stories that have changed the world. We asked the author to discuss some of them those in which the network of responsibility is most evident - or of discovery that becomes innovation, the achievement of the improbable. The themes are what is innovation? the synthesis of Ammonia, algorithms for the compression of Mp3 music files, the atomic bomb and vehicle safety. >>> [27]

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Health Data and its Vulnerability [28]

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by Alessandro Venturi and Stefano Regondi - 4 August 2016

Until today digital health data has existed for the use of health care systems, for example in Italy under the ultimate control of the Sistema Sanitario Nazionale (National Health Service, SSN) and of its capillary regional Sistemi Sanitari Regionali (SSR). This passage is not taken for granted however, and thinking of some of the problems that might arise around property rights, we highlight some critical issues: I) it is possible to pass on the data?; II) Alongside property rights there is also that of security: I) how is the data saved?; II) who is it saved and guarded for and against?; III) under which security requisites is it protected?
An investigation into the problems raised by the digitalization of information in the healthcare world. >>> [29]

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Smart Health. The Widespread Circulation of Data in Hospitals [30]

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by Alessandro Venturi and Stefano Regondi - 26 September 2016

Taking the theme from the previous topic to a further level, this article draws from the recent episode of theft of athlete data from the WADA database (World Anti-Doping Agency). This episode has pointed a finger towards the importance of the correct procedures required regarding health information for every individual. >>> [31]

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Job Design and responsibility [32]

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by Fabio Besti and Redazione FGB - 19 August 2016

In June Fabio Besti delivered a lecture for the Job Design module of the Product Services System Design Masters Degree course (PSSD) at the Polytechnic of Milan. On this occasion Besti presented the work of the Bassetti Foundation. The viewing of the video that we have published in its entirety offers a fine and detailed overview of our activities. >>> [33]

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Newsletter for November 2016


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