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Newsletter. November, 2013

by Redazione FGB [1], 18 November 2013

15 November 2013
Piero Bassetti's Distinguished Lecture for the Closing Ceremony of the Green Clean Market Project [2]

The 'Relaunching the Italian System with Integrity in the Green Economy' conference took place at the Milan Chamber of Commerce on 15 November 2013. This was the concluding event of the Green Clean Market Project, and the chance to present the good practices and instruments developed over the previous three years work. Piero Bassetti delivered a Lecture entitled 'Responsibility in Innovation, a Challenge for Businesses and Institutions'.

September 2013
The Bassetti foundation and the Virtual institute for Responsible Innovation (VIRI) [3]

The Bassetti Foundation is a Founding Institutional Affiliate of the new Virtual Institute for responsible Innovation, funded by the NSF and housed at the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at the state University of Arizona.
Jonathan Hankins [4], who represents the Bassetti Foundation on the editorial Board of the Journal of Responsible Innovation [5], presents the aims, objectives, working practices and protagonists of this newly formed institution.

November 2013
Innovating Reflective Space and Public Decision-making [6]

A contribution to the site from Alessandro Blasimme [7], Post Doctorate Fellow at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and Fulbright - Schuman Research Fellow at the JFK School of Government.

November 2013
Human Enhancement in Medicine: A legal perspective [8]

Giorgia Guerra [9] presents a synthesis of the Models to incorporate ethical advice in regulation and to govern issues of enhancement technologies report, prepared for the EU by a group of researchers from the University of Padova.

October / November 2013
Images from the Smart Citizens Laboratory / Open Data [10]

The Smart Citizens and Open Data courses [11] promoted by the Bassetti Foundation, Formicablu and the "Leonardo Da Vinci" National Museum of science and technology with support from the City of Milan. As we are awaiting the public meeting for discussion on developments within the theme, we present some photos taken by Tommaso Correale Santacroce [12] during the laboratory.

28 October 2013
Piero Bassetti at the Altagamma Observatory [13]

On 28 October, the Altagamma Observatory hosted a round table on the 'Relaunching Milan' theme at Palazzo Mezzanotte. Piero Bassetti took part together with Mario Boselli (The Italian National Chamber of Fashion), Andrea Illy (Altagamma Foundation), Claudio Luti (COSMIT) and Cristina Tajani (Head of the economic development Department for the City of Milan).

13 October 2013
3D printer networks [14]

The Milan network of the dutch 3D Hubs project was presented on 13 October. An online platform that puts those who own a 3D printer in contact with those who need something stamping quickly and locally. Tommaso Correale Santacroce [15] participated in the event and recounts the experience.

November 2013
Additive Technology for businesses, Institutions and Cities [16]

An article written by Francesco Samorè [17] on the Design Context Digital Review, within the section edited by Elisa Montalti.

The website also hosts:

A Framework for Responsible Innovation [18]

A look at the Framework for Responsible Innovation published by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), and the Review of Policy Research Special Issue.

Bernd Stahl, Recent Articles of Interest [19]

Jonathan Hankins [20] comments two articles on Responsibility in Innovation by Bernd Carsten Stahl of the De Montfort University: "Responsible research and innovation. The role of privacy in an emerging framework" and "The empathic care robot: A prototype of responsible research and innovation".

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