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A Tribute to Claudio Ciborra, the Scientist and the Man

by Redazione FGB [1], 16 February 2005

Claudio Ciborra, Professor and Convenor of Information Systems at LSE, died in Milan, his hometown, on Sunday 13th February 2005, aged 53; losing his battle against cancer. In this unfortunate occasion I would like to evoke some memories regarding the friend and mentor Claudio.

In expressing my condolence and presenting a personal remembering I feel I can only join in the pain of the family, the computer science community and the many friends and colleagues. Claudio was a star of the academic community as much as he was for his students. We all know Claudio was as much knowledgeable about science as much he was about the latest trends, keeping always our attention by being able to quote Martin Heidegger as well as Mrs. Dynamite. In doing so I feel necessary to somehow put into brackets the persona of Information Systems Giant Claudio, and after putting aside this image, to contemplate what is left as a personal legacy to me.

He has had a deep and long lasting impact as a mentor, a leader, a supporter during difficult times or simply, but perhaps above all, a friend. On other more academic and scientific occasions I hope to be able to contribute to the collective endeavours aimed at assessing and further developing ClaudioÂ’s scientific legacy. ClaudioÂ’s advice has always been critical and straightforward, perhaps sometimes too critical. But most of all I remember his deep sense of aesthetics, his enjoyable knowledge of countries, wines, people all over the world, with a special leaning for kayaking in the Norwegian fjords! A very attentive listener of music, but above all of people. I still remember him in that very mode: light, gentle, and deeply caring. Ciao Claudio...

Please e-mail In_Memory_Of_Claudio@lse.ac.uk if you would like to share your memories or messages and they will be added to the dedicated area on the Information Systems Department website [2]at the London School of Economics.

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