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Innovation is the ability to achieve the improbable

Cristina Grasseni

The Anthropology of Innovation

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Uncertainty and disquiet

The call for papers "Who is Responsible" has invited ethnographic reflections on the diverse meanings and use of a term, "responsibility" which  "has become such a conspicuous terms in contemporary thought styles", to highlight its salience in contemporary culture and governance. - More More

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Practicing Responsibilities: social engagement, controversy and innovation

At the Trento EASST conference, held 1-4th September 2010, workshop/track 32. "Practicing Responsibilities" was co-chaired by Cristina Grasseni (University of Bergamo / Bassetti  Foundation); Luca Guzzetti (University of Genova) and Giuseppe Pellegrini (University of Padova) within the theme "social engagement, controversy and innovation". - More More

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Practicing Responsibility

In the imminence of the deadline for submitting abstracts (15th March) I bring to our readers' attention the following call for papers, co-organised by the Bassetti Foundation, for a session at the next EASST conference (European Association for the Study of Science and Technology), which will take place in Trento, September 2-4th 2010, in collaboration with STS Italia. - More More

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