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Looking Back on 2020

An overview of work and events carried out in 2020 - More More

by Redazione FGB, 26 January 2021 Permalink

Looking Back on 2020

A look back at 2019

In this post we offer an overview of the year's events and happenings. - More More

by Redazione FGB, 27 January 2020 Permalink

A look back at 2019
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An overview of 2018

An overview of work and events carried out in 2018 - More More

by Redazione FGB, 30 January 2019 Permalink

An overview of 2018

Harvard's Journalist's Resource Center

At the University of Harvard staff have created a Journalist's Resource Center, in order to provide writers with access to reports that may help them in their work. - More More

by Jonathan Hankins, 7 September 2012 Permalink

cc - photo by bupowski from Flickr
Read also: I nuovi traguardi dell'open science by Angela Simone
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