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Five Open Questions about the Post Covid 19 World.

For the first time, humanity in its entirety is having to face glocal problems: a pandemic virus, the ecological survival of the planet, life with artificial intelligence, how to deal with the infinite space of the big bang. Five questions asked by Piero Bassetti. - More More

by Piero Bassetti, 20 March 2020 Permalink

Five Open Questions about the Post  Covid 19 World. - by Piero Bassetti

Ethics, Human Enhancement and Genetics. Report and Video

by Virginia Sanchini. The aim of the workshop was to investigate how the latest progress in biotechnologies impacts our understanding of the traditional matters of moral and political philosophy. Report, Video and Photos. - More More

by Virginia Sanchini, 9 December 2011 Permalink

Helena Siipi, Nicole Voncent, Soren Holm, Chistopher Wareham

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