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Journal of Responsible Innovation to Become Open Access with Impact Factor

by Redazione FGB [1], 14 July 2020

Open Access

Volume 8 of the Journal of Responsible Innovation will be the first to be fully open access, in a move that as Editor in Chief Erik Fisher explains will allow the journal to 'retain most if not all of the current authorship (including grad students, junior and independent scholars, and professionals) and article genres (including theoretical work that may not be tied to grants), to continue to expand JRI into globally and economically diverse scholarly regions, and to massively increase JRI's access, visibility and circulation'.

The decision will allow the journal to build on its already impressive set of achievements:

- JRI has moved up to a Q1 journal in several categories according to newly released SJR journal rankings.
- JRI ranks 3/109 in the History & Philosophy of Science in the SSCI Journal Citation Reports category.
- JRI is ranked in six subject categories in the Web of Science.
- JRI provides the largest share of the published literature on "RRI", occupying about a third of publication space.

This development will bring a further change, in that all previous issues will become open access from January 2021, bringing a large body of historically important work into the open access field.

Impact Factor

In a further related development, the Journal has just been awarded its first impact factor, a very respectable 3.059.

The Journal of Responsible Innovation is strongly positioned in the four categories in which it gained entry, but here's a little more information:

Ethics - ranked 3/55, 1st quartile
History & Philosophy of Science - ranked 2/48, 1st quartile
Management - 85/226, 2nd quartile
Social Issues - 4/44, 1st quartile

As readers will know, the Bassetti Foundation has been involved in the journal since its inception, publishing reviews of each issue [2], submitting and receiving citations in various articles [3] and holding a position on the Editorial Board.

We would like to thank and congratulate all of those who have worked towards this goal, in particular current Editor in Chief Erik Fisher, founding Editor in Chief David Guston and everybody involved at Taylor and Francis, all of whom we look forward to collaborating with for many years to come.


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Journal of Responsible Innovation to Become Open Access with Impact Factor
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