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Introduction to Responsible Innovation by ROSIE

by Redazione FGB [1], 21 February 2019

As regular readers will know, the Bassetti foundation and its collaborators take part in a broad array of external projects. One example is the ROSIE Project [2]. ROSIE is an Interreg Central Europe EU funded project that aims to improve skills among entrepreneurs and innovation actors to promote Responsible Innovation in companies across the central Europe region.

As part of this collaboration Foundation Foreign Correspondent Jonathan hankins and Foundation Project Manager Angela Simone have recorded Introduction to Responsible Innovation videos that are now available online.

The video presentations take the form of three twenty-minute lectures, Angela Simone conducting proceedings in Italian and Jonathan Hankins in English. The lectures are self-standing and very much reflect the experiences gained by these two experts in the field of Responsible Innovation, therefore not identical and delivered from different experience bases within a common shared understanding of the development, aims and realities of the broader field.

Angela Simone opens her series in Italian [3] with an in-depth analysis of the needs, origins and development to date of the concept of Responsible Innovation and its various approaches, including the influence and aims of the European union and Commission within these developments.

In her second video RRI, Opportunities for Business, Simone describes the resources available to business in terms of their implementation of RI and RRI processes, offering a broad spectrum of possibilities open to anyone interested.

Projects explained include RRI tools, SMART-Map, Compass and PRISMA, all of which offer wide selections of tools and instruments for the implimentation of Responsible Innovation approaches, followed by an analysis and description of various RRI and RI certification systems currently on offer.

In the third video in the series Simone describes the many opportunities offered to businesses that wish to follow RRI approaches, beginning from the fundamentals of Responsible Innovation and then moving on to opportunities that following approaches driven by its fundamental aims can bring: strategic positioning; early vision on emerging market openings; improvement of interaction and relationships with key opinion leaders; new opportunities for business and products; improvement of existing products; accountability and reputation; and access to funds.

Jonathan hankins addresses similar issues in his series of lectures in English [4]. In the first video Hankins offers his own perspective on the origins of Responsible Innovation, looking back on Technology Assessment as an underpinning of current practices, addressing the Collingridge Dilemma and moving on to analyzing the various definitions and frameworks currently in use, their backgrounds and aims.

In the second video in the series Hankins describes the European union's perspectives on Responsible Innovation and its variant Responsible Research and innovation. The perspective is explained through definitions, goals and frameworks taken from EU documents before looking at different practical and academic approaches that have been developed in order to address some of these issues raised.

In the third and final video in the series Hankins describes some of the methodologies that have been developed and used within an array of research projects and interventions across science, technology and business.

Value mapping, scenario thinking and target setting, STIR, collaborative business modelling and public engagement issues are all raised within the goals and working practices described in the earlier lecture. The lecture closes with several examples offered from contemporary business and research practices.

The video production was funded through the ROSIE project and are freely available online through the links above. They offer a comprehensive introduction and overview of developments within the field of Responsible innovation and represent a valuable resource for anyone wishing to use them.

The videos appear within a collection of other lectures all related to Responsible Innovation, including videos from various speakers, many of whom are well known Foundation collaborators such as Erik Fisher and Simone Arnaldi.


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Introduction to Responsible Innovation by ROSIE
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