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Three years of collaboration with the School of Design - Politecnico di Milano

This video summarizes in a minute and a half the 3 year long relationship between the Milan Polytechnic School of Design and the Bassetti Foundation.

Each year's involvement has been accompanied by a cycle of conferences that have been video recorded and are available through the website.

Around twenty students have submitted projects through their relationship with the Foundation, with fine results.

The University course was conceived (together with course coordinator Giulio Ceppi) and presented to the students as an investigation into the relationship between the quality of vision and quality of the final projects.

The 2014/15 year took in students completing their Internal Design course, with a cycle of conferences entitled "Le idee e la materia. Di cosa saremo fatti e di cosa sarà fatto il mondo?" (Ideas and Materials. What will we be made of and what will the world?).

The 2015/16 course dealt with the design of work-spaces for the sharing economy, immersed in innovation: from co-working to Fablab.

The most recent course was aimed at fifth year students of the Design School Degree in Product Innovation. The Foundation participated with the module "Futuro anticipato: progettare intorno al corpo con le nanotecnologie" (The Future Brought Closer: design around the body with nanotechnology).

On behalf of the Foundation, Francesco Samorè, Angela Simone and Tommaso Correale participated in the courses, while Fabio Besti also presented the Foundation's activities within the Product Services System Design Masters Degree course in June of 2016 (video [3]).


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Three years of collaboration with the School of Design - Politecnico di Milano
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