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Journal of Responsible Innovation

by Redazione FGB [1], 11 September 2013

February 2014 sees the launch of the new Responsible Innovation journal, published through Taylor and Francis and Routledge. Editor in Chief David Guston [2] and the members of the Editorial Board have published a press release and call for contributions [3]for the first and subsequent issue.

Draft articles must be submitted by the end of October for the first issue, for peer review and subsequent publication. All publications are in English and guidelines and submission details are available here [4].

The Journal of Responsible Innovation will offer an opportunity to articulate, strengthen and critique perspectives about the role of responsibility in the research and development process. The journal will also provide a forum for discussions of ethical, social and governance issues that arise in a society that places a great emphasis on innovation.

Bearing the interdisciplinarity that surrounds Responsible Innovation in mind, the journal will publish not only traditional journal articles and research reports, but also reviews and perspectives on current political, technical and cultural events. It will publish authors from the social sciences and the natural sciences, from ethics and engineering, and from law, design, business and other fields. It especially hopes to see collaborations across these fields.

The Bassetti Foundation has been fortunate enough to have been invited to join the Editorial Board and Jonathan Hankins [5] has accepted the position. We are honoured to have this wonderful opportunity to participate in the development of a truly international academic journal, and urge interested readers to submit their articles.


(photo: cover of the Journal of Responsible Innovation by Taylor & Francis)


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