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The New Italian Design at The Academy of Arts

by Francesco Bassetti [1], 23 June 2013

The Triennale [2] exhibit entitled 'The New Italian Design' and held at the Academy of Arts [3], the biggest and most important Design school in the US was a great success. Before opening the exhibit to our delegation a few speeches were made to thank organizers, producers and everyone present. The message was to raise awareness about the ability of Italy to bring beauty and technology to innovation and therefore giving a vital contribution to this growing movement.

For Piero Bassetti that is what design is: beauty with engineering and technology in a movement of makers that is bringing together millions of italians. This revolution in global production has its roots in Leonardo Da vinci who is referred to as a maker and pioneer designer. The tradition of lombard craftsmanship has culminated in todays concentration of over 800,000 enterprises present in the Lombard region of which most are small scale businesses and many of which could become part of the makers revolution. Today the rise of laser cutters, 3D printers are equivalent to the rise of the steam engine for the industrial revolution, demonstrating that we are at the centre of an epochal shift in the productive processes.

Following speeches by members of our delegation, representatives of the Academy of Arts, Assembly man Tom Ammiano, and many other esteemed guests it was a pleasure to take a walk through the brilliant exhibition, which included an incredible array of design gems. The triennale exhibition was a great success that can only be conveyed through images so make sure you check out our flickr page for pictures of 'The New Italian Design'. (click here [4] or see below).


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The New Italian Design at The Academy of Arts
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