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Breakfast at the Italian Consulate

by Francesco Bassetti [1], 23 June 2013

Following the success of San Francisco Design weeks inaugural party, held at the inspiring Autodesk Gallery, the first day of the program had a lot to live up to. Yet our weekend of exciting events got of to the perfect start with a strong article in todays Corriere della Sera that speeks of our initiative here in San Francisco. With this news on the bag our delegation proceeded to reach the Italian Consulate for breakfast and a chance to meet and discuss the weekends program. (continues)

Breakfast at the Italian Consul

Speeches by Mauro Battocchi, the Consul General of Italy in San Francisco, and Piero Bassetti, who needs no introduction, allowed for everyone to gain clarity on what the goals and objectives of 'Innovation with Beauty' are. Both speakers elucidated on the cultural and political power of the growing 'makers' community and the necesssary breaking down of barriers, that has characterized the productive process to this day, so as to allow artisans to develp and which is a key issue outlined by the Consul General. This was also picked up by Piero Bassetti who spoke of how 'today society's polis is based on the web in an epochal change that is, and will continue to touch, the whole of societal organization, as exemplified by the new trans-atlantic agreement'. (continues)

Piero Bassetti Mauro Battocchi

An overlying goal that was emphasised by both speeches was the need to show American makers and technology experts how engaging with and supporting the Italian counterparts would not be solely in our interest, but in reality vital to them as well, as Italian makers can bring to the table an element of quality: innovation with beauty!

In outlining the program for the weekend it was made explicit how the hope is that this be the beginning of a long lasting and productive relationship; the beginning of a cultural and associative relationship for the mutual benefit of all.

(Here other photos [2])


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Breakfast at the Italian Consulate
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