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Consuming Genomes: Constructing the Genetic Consumer in the United States

by Redazione FGB [1], 12 July 2011

On May 16th 2011 Margaret Curnutte gave her talk at the Foundation premises on "Consuming Genomes: Constructing the Genetic Consumer in the United States" as part of her Harvard Bassetti scholarship. DIY genetic testing poses many questions that regard the governance of technologies but also how social and cultural norms co-evolve with the history of state regulations and the forces of the market. The discussion was led by the questions posed by prof. Giuseppe Testa of Milan's European School of Molecular Medicine and by Francesca Petrera, Ph.D. in biomolecular sciences now working on issues of communication at the group of functional genomics of the Center of Molecular Biomedicine in Trieste. Here is a full documentation of the event.


- Report on Moralia on the web [2] (in Italiano)
- Podcast and interview with Margareth Curnutte by Formicablu [3] (also download [4] from fmBlue Radio)
- Video of the event May 16th, 2011 (here and in Vimeo [5])
- The slides used during lecture (here and in Slideshare [6])
- Some photos on the event (in Flickr [7])
- Other materials in our site [8].

part 1: Introduction
part 2: lecture by Margareth Curnutte
part 3: Francesca Petrella, Margareth Curnutte, debate
part 4: Giuseppe Testa, Margareth Curnutte, debate
part 5: Piero Bassetti, Margareth Curnutte, debate

Some photos of the event (see our account in Flickr [11])


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