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"Where are we going?"

by Redazione FGB [1], 12 November 2009

The ironic title above hints at the fact that after many years of communication through our own site we have decided to spread the argument of responsibility and innovation through various social networking websites.

In reality our interest in the sharing of information is anything but new, all of our material is published through a Creative Commons license and for years we have used the potential offered by blogs and wiki. Stimulating participation is a current that has always run through our work.

The actions that we are initiating through our opening to social networking are therefore driven by the following aims: firstly to give our long term readership the opportunity to meet each other and develop a dialogue, and secondly to bring the arguments that are close to the heart of The Bassetti Foundation to the most active virtual discussion rooms on the web.

Below you find a list of the different sites. They all have different characteristics and you will be able to find our material, join a group or "make friends"...
On this page we have direct links, but if you would like to know and understand more about what is offered try the "tell me more" link.

Facebook [2]
A facebook group has been created through which information is provided about Foundation events and on-site publications.
Tell me more [3].

Linkedin [4]
A group has also been created on LinkedIn. The difference between the two groups is that the LinkedIn community is very different from the Facebook community.
Tell me more [5].

Twitter [6]
We have two twitter accounts. FGBassetti contains a collection of phrases and anedotes heard in the FGB offices during meetings, visits and the events that take place here.
FGBnews updates on publications on our website.
Tell me more [7].

Vimeo [8]
Vimeo offers video of our events.
Tell me more [9].

Slideshare [10]
Through Slideshare we publish the powerpoint presentations that are used in meetings, conferences and events.
Tell me more [11].

Issuu [12]
On Issuu we publish a "thumb-through" version of our newsletter.
Tell me more [13]

(photo: diagonal net [14] - by theilr in Flickr)

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CC Creative Commons - some rights reserved.
photo by theilr in Flickr
Read also: more depth and Request for Comments on our site.
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