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New version of our website

by Redazione FGB [1], 21 September 2007

Dear readers or visitors,
at the end of August we launched a new version of our website featuring several changes to our graphics and site layout.
You will surely notice that the menu items have changed. In particular, the Issues section is now entitled Focus. This is the area of the site where we pinpoint the themes being addressed—specific aspects of responsibility in innovation.
We think that the new arrangement of the other menu items is clearer, more intuitive than before. In any case, if you want learn more, see "How to navigate this site [2]" (the link is found at the bottom of the page).
The portion of the homepage dedicated to blogs has also been changed. The panel in the lower portion of the page may contain a description of the latest articles published and access to the article, the author's profile, his/her blog and index.

We have made a special effort to improve the accessibility of our site [3]. This not only means that we are focusing on clearly communicating our often objectively complex content, but that we have undertaken the technological rewriting of the entire site in order to allow it to be read using different platforms (visualization using a variety of browsers, on monitors of differing sizes or resolutions, by the visually impaired, by automated readers and by portable devices). For this reason, we have followed the guidelines set by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and the Stanca directive (required for institutional sites) which establish maximum communication as the goal. You can get more information on the technical features of this site by reading the posts in the Requests for Comments (FGB RFC) [4] blog, otherwise, if you wish to learn about the entire site, visit the "How to navigate this site [5]" page mentioned above and the link "Information on the Giannino Bassetti Foundation website [6]".

Obviously, these changes are being monitored to let us check how the visits are going, but if you want to write us to give us your impressions [7], this could help us greatly to improve the site, to understand whether we are on the right path, and would let us learn about you.

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