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Daniel P. Mulhollan in FGB

by Redazione FGB [1], 18 December 2008

Daniel Mulhollan [2], Director of the US Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress  visited the Bassetti Foundation on Wednesday 3 December 2008 as part of the IRER (Regional Research Unit of Lombardy), "consultation forums as instruments of trust", coordinated by Alessandro Colombo, Director of Research.

Introduced by Foundation President Piero Bassetti, and Roberto Ronza, Delegate of the President of the Region of Lombardy for International Relations, Daniel Mulhollan answered numerous questions from the public about his experience with Congress, whose library was founded in 1800 and expanded upon through a gift from Thomas Jefferson in order to support the US legislature. At the beginning of the twentieth century within the Library of Congress [3]  the Congressional Research Service [4] was formed.

(see images from the event)


within the Bassetti Foundation website:

- Presentation and introduction of the event: Responsible Innovation and Participatory Democracy. Daniel P. Mulhollan in FGB [5]

- A report by Valentina Porcellana: Responsabilità, accuratezza e autorevolezza. Daniel P. Mulhollan in FGB [6]

Also see:

- the report of the "Innovazione tecnico scientifica - innovazione della democrazia" conference, organized in collaboration with the Bassetti Foundation: Innovazione tecnico scientifica e democrazia [7].

- Also related to the conference see this article that explains how the Region of Lombardy has taken ideas proposed by the Bassetti Foundation into its new statute: La responsabilità politica dell'innovazione: una sfida per il nuovo Statuto della Regione Lombardia [8].

- Materials related to the meeting with Brian Wynne and the Italian publication of the European report "Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously": Science and Governance: il rapporto della Commissione Europea presentato alla FGB [9].

External links:

- the site of The Library of Congress [10]

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Daniel P. Mulhollan in FGB




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