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Sheila Jasanoff in FGB - links

by Redazione FGB [1], 2 November 2008

As in previous years the Bassetti Foundation has once again promoted a public lecture in a prestigious Milanese University.
Sheila Jasanoff [2], professor of  Science and Technology Studies at the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, spoke about the comparative politics of bio ethics at the State University of Milan on 6th May 2008
As an introduction to the event on Monday 5th May the foundation hosted Prof Jasanoff in their conference suite in Milan for a seminar dedicated to the political implications of society's image of science.
The meeting with Jasanoff was in a certain sense pre-announced by the meeting with  Mariachiara Tallacchini e Brian Wynne on the occasion of the publication in Italian of the European report "Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously".

This page gathers together the links to the presentation pages, speeches and arguments discussed and deepened in different events.

- A great deal of material has been published Regarding the presentation of the report "Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously" at the foundation and collected on the page:
"Science and Governance: The European Commission report presented at the FGB [3]".

- Reflections upon the scientific approach of Sheila Jasanoff, written by Mariachiara Tallacchini:
"The Politics of Science and the re-definition of democracy [4]"

- Speech and photographs of the seminar that took place at the foundation:
"Sheila Jasanoff in FGB [5]"

- Review of Jasanoff's book "Fabbriche della Natura"  and some thoughts by Valentina Porcellana:
"Bioetica, bioetiche: narrazioni e costruzioni culturali [6]"

- Slides and audio recordings of the meeting at the foundation:
"Sheila Jasanoff in FGB - podcast [7]"

- Speech, slides and images of her lecture at the State University of Milan:
"Making the Facts of Life:  Sheila Jasanoff's lecture at the Milan State University" [8]

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