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Giannino Bassetti. L'imprenditore Raccontato

by Redazione FGB [1], 2 October 2007

"L'imprenditore raccontato" is devoted to Giannino Bassetti, the man and his achievements: his personality, intelligence and values as a man and an entrepreneur.
The volume, which is published by Rubbettino [2] (2004), is edited by Roberta Garruccio and Germano Maifreda (both researchers in economic history at the Milan University Department of Historical Sciences and Documentation).

Extract from the preface to the book:

"The Giannino Bassetti Foundation was set up and works to honour the memory and achievements of Giannino Bassetti, so we have wanted and pledged, since the foundation began its work, to devote to his memory a biography recounting his life, mighty personality, close family bonds and intelligent contribution to the Italian economy: we regarded it as our moral duty and institutional responsibility.
A moral duty because the Foundation owes its very existence and the resources at its disposal to his perception of the issue that it has made its mission - the responsibility that rests on the entrepreneur who innovates - and to the generous funding with which he endowed it.
An institutional responsibility because nothing could be more in keeping with our mission than contemplating the concrete example of a figure and an enterprise like his, a staunch example both of Milan's hard-working 20th-century bourgeoisie and of the unrivalled store of moral, family and social values with which it was imbued.
We knew that recounting all this to an audience of readers - including the many who had been personally acquainted with and attached to him - would be no easy task, first because he was always a retiring man, and second because the manner in which he lived and worked, without ostentation and without seeking fame, led him to renounce all desire to leave his mark in the annals or in hagiographical labours.
Be that as it may, we were sure that no one who took an interest in his life as a man and an entrepreneur, lived according to values, traditions and private bonds of affection, with a view to highlighting his experience, work, innovation and successes, would take long to recognise the marks of an exceptional progress through life."

Biografia di Giannino Bassetti [3]

Read index [4].

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