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"Where are we going?" Our spaces

by Redazione FGB [1], 2 November 2009

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Introduction :
On this page you can discover which external sites we have chosen for our web presence. For each site there is an explanation of materials available, why we chose that particular site and our aims and objectives.
The invitation for you is simple, to make a connection to one of our communication and publication spaces through your personal account with one of these sites.

Facebook [2]
Today when we speak about social networking we immediately think of Facebook. Anyone with an account can publish information about themselves and their interests, insert photos or videos and show them to their friends. Two people in contact are called 'friends'. There are spaces known as walls where all the content inserted by the members of a personal network is stored. On Facebook there are also 'groups'. People join these groups without necessarily becoming 'friends' in order to adhere to the particular views or visions of that particular group.
We have created a group entitled Fondazione Giannino Bassetti. Through this group we would like to gather together those people with Facebook accounts that sustain the activities of The Bassetti Foundation and follow the difficult and courageous process of spreading the idea of responsibility within innovation. But this is not our only interest, people join groups on Facebook because they are interesting or nice, or to adhere to their particular intentions. The Foundation group membership includes a lot of new visitors to the site, more newcomers in fact than people that have been following for years.
Apart from allowing the members to meet each other, the group is kept updated about on-site Bassetti Foundation publications and other Foundation activities. In order to join you need a (free) account with Facebook, go to this link [3] and click on 'join this group'. You will however then have to wait for the group moderator to activate your account, as we want to be sure that all social communication is genuine.


Flickr and Creative Commons [4]
Flickr is a collector system for photographs and short films. In the same way as other collectors (for example YouTube for video) it allows the making of friends and image signaling.
The Bassetti Foundation does not have an account with Flickr but has for some time used the images that other users make available through Creative Common (Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike [5]), thus highlighting the works of the chosen photographer and at the same time introducing Creative Common to the Flickr community.


Issuu [6]
proposes a reading style that mimics the binding used for paper publications. This is useful for publications in which graphics and illustrations are important. The Foundation has however decided to use it in order to give an overview of the newsletter.
We hope that you like it and that it makes reading it easier.
In the same way as Slideshare and the other collector systems the page [7] can be viewed without subscription, whereas interaction requires a free subscription.


Linkedin [8]
LinkedIn is a social network like Facebook, but its content and motivation for inscription are different. On LindeIn users present their CV or professional (and educational) experiences and make connections with other professionals. The motivation to subscribe could be defined as the will to exchange business cards. It is also possible to recommend a colleague from your network to other members, in order to laud their professional skills.
Through LinkedIn you can pose questions for your network to answer. It is possible to create groups that can be formed around discussion points or just of members that simply adhere to a name or symbol that they identify with.
The Bassetti Foundation has created a group that presently only gives information regarding new on-site publications and other Foundation activities.
In order to join you need a (free) account with LinkedIn, go to this link [9] and click on 'join group'. You will however then have to wait for the group moderator to activate your account, as we want to be sure that all social communication is genuine.


Slideshare [10]
Slideshare is a useful tool both because it allows you to always have your conference presentations to hand but also offers the possibility of spreading ideas over the web through slides.
Its structure is similar to other social network collector systems, with friendship, preferences and subscription to all types of publications. It is a huge bank of material. We have opened a space where we show slides in order to introduce The Bassetti Foundation and show those used during the events that we organize (given the author's permission of course).
Also in this case those published are generally distributed with a Creative Common license.
The Foundation page [11] can be viewed without subscription but in order to post a comment or subscribe you need to have a Slideshare account.


Twitter [12]
Twitter is a social network that allows the creation of a micro-blog composed of messages with a maximum of 140 characters. The blog can be updated either through the site itself, via SMS, through instant messaging programs or through other applications that allow the updating of the site through actions carried out on other social networking sites.
Restrictions upon message duration and the possibility of using correlated applications means that Twitter is becoming a type of link between the various different forms of social communication both over the web and through smartphones. As in the other social networks you can 'befriend' other members in order to follow their publications, you can respond to a twitter and you can cite or forward somebody else's twitter to members of your own network. There are various free programs that keep you constantly updated about you friends' twitters.
The Bassetti Foundation has decided to open a Twitter page in order to offer a precise form of communication. We will publish serious quotes, statements and anecdotes taken from meetings and events organized by The Foundation. Taken outside their original context they acquire their own autonomous lives that seem to request comment and development through dialogue.
In order to read The Bassetti Foundation twitters you can either go to the page on our site [13] or go directly to the page on Twitter [14]. If you would like to interact and respond, or you are simply interested in this type of communication, you can open an account with Twitter (if you don't already have one) by going to FGBassetti [15] page and clicking on 'follow'.
You can also follow FGBnews, another Twitter channel where we will post information regarding website news.


Vimeo [16]
Vimeo is a collector system for video in the style of YouTube, but with some substantial differences. It allows you to submit longer videos in respect to the ten minutes permitted by YouTube. It also has a much simpler and evident presentation of contents. We chose this site because it allows us to publish the footage of our events in their entirety.
Vimeo also allows you to contact other users, to signal your favourite videos, make galleries and form groups.
The Bassetti Foundation has opened an account that will collect video produced for and published on the website. You can watch our publications by going to our channel page [17] and subscribing using your own Vimeo account.

(photo: diagonal net [18] - by theilr in Flickr)

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CC Creative Commons - some rights reserved.
photo by theilr in Flickr
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