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Latest updates in the blog 'Innovation, Risk and Governance'

by Redazione FGB [1], 30 April 2008

I have posted the last of a triad of 'guideline' entries for readers and potential contributors in my blog 'Innovation, Risk & Governance [2]'.

The first post on 'Conceptualising Innovation: A theoretical and practical agenda [3]' delineates the theoretical guidelines, perceived as being also of interest to practitioners, about Innovation, which is understood as social and economic development of nations.

The model of reference are those states which in the course of history have been able to support the autonomous development of firms and national innovation systems. For instance by creating the appropriate conditions for the creation and establishment of links between research institutes, the private sector, industry and banking institutions enabling a formative context in favour of creativity and experimentation. And in that way supporting a virtuous cycle of 'creative destruction' with high innovation capacity, which facilitates the creation of a dynamic and productive industrial sector.

The second entry on 'Conceptualising Risk: A theoretical and practical agenda [4]' which suggests a definition for the concept of Risk.

Conceptually the notion of risk includes probabilistic calculations and the creation of models to manipulate reality and predict the future. However, starting from the ground that we live in the 'Risk Society' (as defined by Ulrich Beck) these models are at best incomplete, because it is impossible to provide insurance in the occurrence of risks which affect simultaneously a large number of people, as in the case of natural disasters. Therefore the concept or risk, as well as its management, needs to be complemented by an understanding of the social and political dynamics at work while the relationships of productive assets change as we move towards modernity. Such a move involves in part the re-alignment of the rules of wealth production and distribution of consequently the occurrence of new risks and challenges.

Finally the third and last entry is about Governance, 'Conceptualising Governance: A theoretical and Practical Agenda [5]'

Governance is the key element to build an understanding of the major events which characterise the modern world, composed of global networks. It implies the understanding of the re-definition of the role of governments and international organisations, as well as of international law and politics. In this context Information and Communication Technologies emerge as a major component of such new world. Since ICTs are the actualising instrument of the formation of new identities and loyalties globally, their regulation will be a fundamental theme of the current decade. From that follows a movement which requires the redefinition of the notion of political responsibility, which is increasingly mediated from the emerging networks of individuals, nations and organisations which compose the constellation of the fragmented geo-political panorama of the 21st century.

The ideas presented above are not to be considered by all means complete. Anyone can participate to the ongoing discussion hosted in my blog [6] by inserting their comments in the space provided in my blog.

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