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Newsletter for February 2016

by Redazione FGB [1], 16 February 2016

1 December 2015 - 31 January 2016

Responsibility in Innovation & Technoscience and life sciences

The Hinxton Statement 2015 [2]
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9 December 2015
Scientists working on genome editing have taken an interest in the governance of the responsibility of its application, and instituted discussion and opinion groups on how to manage the technology.
The first international summit on genome editing closed on 3 December in Washington DC, but as early as September the part of the community that works on stem cells and their ethical and legal aspects (the Hinxton Group) published a detailed statement on the theme. The statement is made available here [3].
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Responsibility in Innovation & Governance and statehood

Who writes History in a City in Transformation? [4]
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September - December 2015
Between September and December a laboratory was held on the relationship between 19th century Milan and the city we live in today at the Università Statale (thanks to the Dipartimento di Studi Storici, the Associazione Lapsus and to Globus et Locus).
Many excellent hosts held the meetings, from Franco Farinelli to Giulio Ceppi, from Leonardo Previ to Lanfranco Senn, Alessandro Rosina, Emanuele Garda, Jacopo Tondelli and Bertram Niessen, Piero Bassetti and Renato Mattioni...
It represented the possibility for the Foundation to continue an itinerary started in 1959 by President Piero Bassetti and Giacomo Corna Pellegrini with the book 'Le redini del potere'.
Read [5] the laboratory presentation.
Watch [6] video of all of the meetings.
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Jonathan Hankins, 20 January 2016
At the close of 2015 the third and final issue of the second volume of the Journal of Responsible Innovation (JRI) was published. In this article Jonathan Hankins reviews the entire volume.
Here [8] you can find the review.
Here [9] are all of the reviews of the Journal of responsible Innovation volumes.
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22 December 2015
On 14 -15 January 2016 the Go4 Joint Final Conference "Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe and across the World" took place at the EESC in Brussels, Belgium.
The Go4 conference presented the final reports from the four principal 3 year European projects funded by the Seventh Funding Framework: Res-AGorA project, GREAT project, ProGReSS project, RESPONSIBILITY project.
Find [11] an introduction here.
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12 January 2016
In this article we take a look at the research activities of the Osservatorio CORES of the Università degli Studi di Bergamo, on consumption, sustainable economy networks, and the various interviews published on their YouTube channel.
Read here [13].
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Responsibility in Innovation & Transformation of business

Italic Design Thinking. Meeting with Mauro Porcini [14]
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15 December 2015
19 November saw the fist event of the Italic design Thinking project, in Milan. Within a project created by Giulio Ceppi, la Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) presided over by Antonello Fusetti debated with Globus et Locus and Fondazione Bassetti - to introduce Mauro Porcini, Head of Design and Innovation for PepsiCo.
Watch [15] the complete video of the meeting.
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Newsletter for February 2016
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