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VIRI, Fourth International Meeting

by Jonathan Hankins [1], 26 September 2018

The fourth international meeting of the Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation [2] will take place on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October in Szeged, Hungary, with Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Hankins present on behalf of the Bassetti Foundation.

The meeting will be hosted by the First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association (EMFIE) [3], a non profit organization whose aim is to promote RRI to interested actors within the European Union.

As regular readers will know, the VIRI is an NSF funded network that currently comprises 29 academic and non academic organizations spread across the globe, including both the Bassetti Foundation and Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Szeged [4], whose Miklós Lukovics will open the event alongside Erik Fisher on behalf of the VIRI.

The event then continues with an early career research panel that includes a presentation by Jonathan Hankins. In Beauty as a measurement of responsibility Hankins will present his recently completed PhD research into the social construction of work practices in artisan settings and the relationship between the production of beauty and decision-making.

A panel debate entitled A self-examination of RRI as a field: Prospects, limitations, trade-offs around RRI integration in R&D practice/policy completes the afternoon.

The second and final day contains two senior researcher panels, a role play workshop on self-driving cars and responsible innovation and a panel of EU project presentations. The presentations include insights from the SMART-map [5] and ROSIE [6] projects, both of which feature Bassetti Foundation involvement.

A short report will follow the conference.


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VIRI, Fourth International Meeting.


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