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Sharing Health

by Margherita Fronte [1], 29 May 2015

WAVE. Come l'ingegnosità collettiva sta cambiando il mondo
8 June 2015 h.17.30
Condividere la salute

Palazzo BNP Paribas, Piazza San Fedele 3, Milano [2]

The sharing of data and knowledge is by no means a new phenomena for biomedicine. For more than 20 years the most important research projects have been carried out by large groups of researchers, living and working great distances apart and using the Internet and IT technologies as a favoured means for communication and meeting, alongside the more traditional conferences and publication of their results in specialized journals.

In recent years, the field has been enriched by the Biohacker [3] phenomenon. The passage of scientific production, and for some time now a participative and collaborative approach is bringing forward a wave of innovation that pushes forward the boundary of knowledge and treatment in the field. Or to be more precise, amongst the doctors working within society, inside specialized clinics, and also patients' associations.

The focus of the meeting of 8 June is the role that the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience can play in improviing specialist capability, in deciding the most effective course of treatment from those currently available, in suggesting new lines of research and solutions, and in the empowerment of patients and their families.

The two presenters - Ludovico Baldessin, Executive Director of Edra [4] and Francesca Fedeli, President of Fight The Stroke [5] - confront the theme from two complimentarty points of view: that of the doctor and that of the patient.

The Wikicardio project [6], developed by Edra-LSWR with the support of Malesci, is an information platform available to cardiologists, interns and geriatrics, who can contribute to creating a comunal and dynamic knowledge base (or simply view it), or share information on complex clinical cases in order to find effective solutions while protecting the privacy of those involved.

Fight The Stroke is an organization that supports children affected by perinatal strokes. Using both old and new means of communication, the fpounders have been able to unite families and doctors, researchers and experts in new technology, with the objective of defining innovative solutions for diagnosis, therapy and psychological support to those who have to face this condition.


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