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The CfC 'Reinventing learning and research?' is over.

As previously announced, we close this Call for Comments hoping that it helped at least to raise some of the many issues around the idea of a "reinvention" of learning and research. ------------------------------------ Chiudiamo come annunciato questo Call for Comments auspicando che abbia per lo meno cominciato a sollevare i molti quesiti relativi alla "reinvenzione dell'apprendimento e della ricerca". - More More

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Reinventing learning and research

Reinventing learning and research? (part 2)

The call has so far attracted 11 comments, all of very high and relevant standard. Nevertheless, many aspects of the manifesto still need to be evaluated and clarified. To our question of giving examples of "entrepreneurial universities" prof. Carayannis replied... - More More

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Reinventing learning and research - 2

Reinventing learning and research?

Within the framework of the co-operation between Profs. Elias Carayannis and Piero Formica (respectively from the School of Business at George Washington University, and the International Entrepreneurship Academy at Jönköping University) the following manifesto ensued, published as Guest Editorial in Industry and Higher Education (April 2007). We hereby re-launch it to submit it for comment and feedback from our readers. --------------------------- Nell'ambito della cooperazione tra due istituti di ricerca sulla imprenditorialità (la George Washington University, USA e la Jonkoping University, Svezia) è nato un manifesto a firma di Elias Carayannis e Piero Formica (pubblicato in Industry and Higher Education, Guest Editorial, Aprile 2007), che rilanciamo per sottoporlo ai commenti dei nostri lettori. - More More

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Reinventing learning and research

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