Piero Bassetti's speech ( * )
(UniversitÓ Bocconi, Milan -- June 17, 2002)

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Piero Bassetti - 17-18 giugno 2002Few words of introduction.

First of all a warm thanks to the Bocconi University and its "Magnifico Rettore" Carlo Secchi.

A special thank to Professor Franco Malerba who has been the real mentor of this event.

An event which has at his centre an outstanding economist, Prof. Richard Nelson (whose excellence and merits will be specially illustrated by Franco Malerba) ad is sponsored by the " Fondazione Giannino Bassetti" .

As some of you know, the mission of the Foundation is that of celebrating the memory of Giannino Bassetti promoting studies and actions in the field of "responsibility in innovation" … paying particular attention to its influence on the social, ethical and political conditions of human society.

To implement this task we have so far worked mainly in three directions:

1) research and reflection on the concepts of "innovation" and "responsibility".

2) Scouting and supporting students groups, associations which may deepen, debate, diffuse the significance and concrete relevance of such issue.

3) Diffusing such results to the public.

As you may see, tonight we are working along the first and third line.

I’m glad to anticipate that the outstanding opportunity to have here with us tonight Professor Nelson (again thanks) will be followed by two other events along the same line; as we plane, indeed, to organize two similar event in the next two years:

- one at Politecnico di Milano with reference to the technological implications of innovation
- one at the UniversitÓ Cattolica with reference to the moral ones.

Naturally we also work along the second line and "a propos" I have the privilege of announcing that for this occasion the Fondazione Rocca has decided to establish a three years fellowship for a Ph.D. on "the role of enterprise and innovation in economic and structural change".

This fellowship will be dedicated to the memory of "Franco Orsenigo".

Franco Orsenigo, a cultured man and an intellectual always looking to the future, dedicating his mind and affections to the young, in which he placed great hopes of innovation and advance.

Franco Orsenigo was the father of Prof. Gigi Orsenigo, for long a stricted collaborator of Prof. Malerba nowadays teaching Economics of Innovation at Brescia University and tomorrow morning discussant at the end of the lesson-seminar that professor Nelson will deliver to the Bocconi students.

Finally for the third line of work the Fondazione Giovanni Bassetti has chosen of concentrating its means in an effort of exploiting that very innovative tool which might be the "web".

I’m proud to say that our site (www.fondazionebassetti.org) has already reached the target of more then 40.000 hits per month and 25/30 full visit per day.

Having said this, concerning the Fondazione Bassetti, let me conclude repeating my thanks to Professor Nelson, Professor Secchi and Prof. Malerba together with Mrs, Mirka Giacoletto and Bocconi Comunicazione who did all the organization work.

But above all to this distinguished public.

(17 giugno 2002, pubblicato il 9 luglio 2002)

[*] President of the Giannino Bassetti Foundation

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