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New Publication from FGB: Conversations on Innovation, Power and Responsibility

by Redazione FGB [1], 2 January 2010

The Fondazione Giannino Bassetti's new publication, Conversations on Innovation, Power and Responsibility highlights approaches to responsibility in innovation taken by leading practitioners in disruptive fields.

Our intent is to highlight approaches that can be replicated, and to develop language that can allow practitioners in different fields to communicate more effectively about responsible innovation. By focusing on what are widely perceived to be some of the most disruptive fields of innovation, including biology and medicine, computers and robotics, design, and nanotechnology, we have also identified a few areas where the concept of responsible innovation may be most needed.

The publication is free to download [2], and hard copies may be purchased at Blurb bookstore [3].

Table Of Contents


About the Question
Related Concepts
Choosing Subjects: Where Does Responsibility Matter Now?

Genetics And Healthcare
Thomas Murray, The Hastings Center
Ignacio Chapela: Drawing a Boundary Around the Lab
Arthur Caplan: Innovation as Politics
David Magnus & Mildred Cho: True Fictions

Christine Peterson: Nanotechnology and Enhancement
Lawrence Gasman: Nanomarkets

Robotics And Computing
Ronald Arkin: Embedding Values in Machines
Jeff Jonas: Applying the UN declaration of human rights
Marc Smith: Invention, mitigation, accounting and externalities
Mikko Ahonen: Open Innovation ... and Radiation Safety

Roberto Verganti: Varieties of Design Innovation
Michael Twidale: IRBs, Design, Empowerment,
Accountability, Sustainability

A Summing Up
Questions For Further Research

Conversations on Innovation, Power and Responsibility

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  1. 1] http://www.fondazionebassetti.org/schedabiografica/Redazione FGB
  2. 2] http://www.fondazionebassetti.org/en/ubois/innovation.pdf
  3. 3] http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/935902
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Conversations on Innovation, Power and Responsibility






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