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30 mesi di SMART-map project: evento conclusivo

Si è concluso il progetto Horizon 2020 SMART-map. Ecco in sintesi il percorso fatto, i video dell'evento conclusivo e l'e-book con tutti i materiali prodotti. - Leggi Leggi
30 mesi di SMART-map project: evento conclusivo.

SMART-map project

SMART-map is a coordination and support action financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Programme. Its goal is to define and implement concrete roadmaps for the responsible development of technologies and services in three key time-changing fields: precision medicine, synthetic biology and 3D printing in biomedicine. - Leggi Leggi
SMART-map project

Game-changing innovations and responsibility. A dialogue with David Guston.

On November, 14th, The Fondazione Bassetti had the honor to host Professor David Guston, Founding Director of the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and Co-Director of the Institute for the Future of Innovation in Society Arizona State University. Here presentation, videos, slides and photos. - Leggi Leggi
Game-changing innovations and responsibility. A dialogue with David Guston.
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David Guston in Bassetti Foundation

Six years on from his previous visit to Milan, we are very pleased to have Professor Guston once more to discuss themes surrounding SynBio and responsibility on 14 November in our conference suite in Via Barozzi. - Leggi Leggi
David Guston in Fondazione Bassetti

The Fungus of Design

Maurizio Montalti, a young Italian designer whose works is extremely innovative, on the border between art and biology. Single objects that are individual in their field, forged from materials gained through the manipulation of living materials... - Leggi Leggi
The Fungus of Design
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Categorie Design, biotechnology

A Conversation with Hilary Sutcliffe of Matter

Jonathan Hankins interviews Hilary Sutcliffe, the Director of the think tank Matter. - Leggi Leggi
Hilary Sutcliffe

iGEM Synthetic Biology World Championships

In this post we review the 2011 iGEM World Championship Jamboree and take a look back at articles published on this site that address the topic of synthetic biology. - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by Alexander van Dijk from Flickr

Bergamo Science Festival

From the 1st to the 17th of October the Italian town of Bergamo hosts the 8th annual BergamoScienza Festival. Various themes are addressed through lectures, round table discussions, theatrical shows, events and the opening to the public of various research centres in and around the city. - Leggi Leggi
logo di BergamoScienza 2010
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Categorie Festival

An Ethics For Emerging Technologies

In this article Jonathan Hankins reviews a recent report entitled Ethical Issues in Synthetic Biology; a review of the debates, published by the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars in Washington DC. - Leggi Leggi
photo by Alexander van Dijk from Flickr

An Introduction to Synthetic Biology

In this the first in a series of posting, Jonathan Hankins takes a look at a recent Royal Academy of Engineering report concerning synthetic biology. - Leggi Leggi
Categorie Biotechnology

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