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Al Joint Research Centre (JRC) di Ispra un workshop sul tema Intelligenza Artificiale

La rete dei sei Joint Research Center europei si è incontrata ad Ispra lo scorso 3 aprile 2019. Guido Romeo vi ha partecipato come advisor scientifico per Fondazione Giannino Bassetti. Il report dell'incontro. - Leggi Leggi
Al Joint Research Centre (JRC) di Ispra un workshop sul tema Intelligenza Artificiale

Recent Publications on Artificial Intelligence

In this post we take a look at two recent publications addressing issues around Artifical Intelligence. - Leggi Leggi
Recent Publications on Artificial Intelligence
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Responsible Research and Innovation: The Problematic Quest For Right Impacts.

The Responsible Research and Innovation: The Problematic Quest For Right Impacts International Conference took place between March 11th and 12th. In this post Jonathan Hankins offer some reflections on the many issues addressed and questions raised over the three day events. - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by Avital Pinnik from Flickr

An Introduction to the Agri/Cultures Project

Readers may be interested to learn that Fern Wickson, program coordinator of the Society, Ecology and Ethics Department (SEED) at GenØk Centre for Biosafety in Tromsø, Norway and member of the VIRI, is currently leading the new 'Agri/Cultures Project'. - Leggi Leggi
An Introduction to the Agri/Cultures Project

The European Business Ethics Network Conference

The German Network for Business Ethics (DNWE) recently organized the annual conference for its European Organisation: The European Business Ethics Network - EBEN. The conference took place in Berlin from the 12th to the 14th of June 2014, and was located in the ESTM European School of Management and Technology. - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by olilau83 from Flickr

CONSIDER Workshop, Civil Society Organisations in Designing Research Governance

The Bassetti Foundation is to participate in a CONSIDER Workshop at the Research Executive Agency, European Commission, in Brussels. - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by Christiane Wilke from Flickr

The Innovation Principle

Recently twelve of Europe's largest corporations submitted a letter to the European Commission, urging them to adopt an 'Innovation Principle'. - Leggi Leggi
cc - by fdecomite from Flickr

Responsible Research and Innovation, Science and Technology Special Eurobarometer

November saw the publication of the European Commission's Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Science and Technology Special Eurobarometer. - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by Andrew Huff from Flickr

Public Consultation on Internet of Things (IOT) Governance

Recently the European Commission released its Report on the Public Consultation on IOT Governance. IOT is the Internet of Things, and it refers to 'a long term technology and market development based on the connection of everyday objects to the Internet'. The authors argue that 'IOT has the potential to considerably improve the life of EU citizen by addressing many of today's societal challenges in health, transport, environment, energy, etc'. - Leggi Leggi
cc - by Doug Zwick from Flickr

Von Schomberg's Responsible Innovation Matrix

René Von Schomberg is the Directorate General for Research at the European Commission and has recently published an article and a 'Responsible Research and Innovation Matrix' on his blog. - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by Yogendra174 from Flickr

European Food Safety Authority is launching a public consultation

EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) is launching a public consultation on its draft scientific opinion on the Potential Risks Arising from Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies on Food and Feed safety and the Environment. The work follows a request from the European Commission (EC) to EFSA for advice on this issue in 2007. EFSA's opinion will help inform consideration of any future EU measures in relation to nanotechnologies in the food and feed area. - Leggi Leggi
European Food Safety Authority

Governance and participation in nanotechnology

This is the first of a number of postings that Jonathan Hankins will devote to nanotechnologies, their novelty in technoscientific society and their impact on our thinking of responsible innovation. Here, a first look at informative websites and newsletters on nanotechnologies, societal impact and decision making. - Leggi Leggi
See also: interviews with Christine Peterson of the Foresight Institute on Nanotechnology and with Lawrence Gasman, cofounder of NanoMarkets (by Jeff Ubois)

Science and Governance: the EU report on Science and Governance presented at FGB

The driving force of the science on the economic and social development compelled politics and laws to set rules for the technoscience and its innumerable deployments. The "Science and Governance Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously" Report, committed by the European Commission, meet the exigence of reflecting in a responsible way about the links between science and society. The Italian transalation will be presented at the Giannino Bassetti Foundation headquarters by the science sociologist Brian Wynne and by the jurist Mariachiara Tallacchini. - Leggi Leggi
Brian Wynne

Science and Governance: il rapporto della Commissione Europea presentato alla FGB

Il ruolo trainante della scienza rispetto allo sviluppo economico e sociale ha imposto alla politica e al diritto di regolare la tecnoscienza e le sue innumerevoli applicazioni. All'esigenza di riflettere responsabilmente sul rapporto tra scienza e società risponde il rapporto Science and Governance. Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously, redatto per la Commissione Europea. La traduzione italiana verrà presentata alla Fondazione Giannino Bassetti il 15 febbraio 2008 dal sociologo della scienza Brian Wynne e dalla giurista Mariachiara Tallacchini. - Leggi Leggi
Brian Wynne

Commission launches consultation on responsible nano research

The European Commission has launched a consultation on responsible research in nanosciences and nanotechnologies. The consultation will close on 21 September. - Leggi Leggi
European Commission
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