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Game-changing innovations and responsibility. A dialogue with David Guston - 1/3

Speaker: Angela Simone, David Guston, Ottavia Bassetti

Event: Game-changing innovations and responsibility. The case of syntetic biology. A dialogue with David Guston
Title: Lecture: "From Frankenstein to Synthetic Biology: Responsible Innovation and the Insufficiency of 'Cool'"
Date: 2016 11 14
Time: 34 min.
Place: Fondazione Giannino Bassetti, Milano.
Language: English.
Part: 1/3

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Innovating With Beauty - 2/19

Speaker: Daniel Murphy, Ottavia Bassetti

Event: Innovating With Beauty.
Title: Press Conference for the presentation of the project.
Date: 2013 06 11
Time: 18 min.
Place: Italian Cultural Institute, San Francisco.
Language: English.

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