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Paola Sobbrio

by Redazione FGB [1], 4 November 2011

Paola Sobbrio graduated in Law in 1995 and since 2000 her research focuses on European regulations on protection and animal welfare and bioethical issues related to these.

She earned a PhD in this specific field, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Later on, Dr. Sobbrio has started working with animals Biotech (GM, transgenic, cloned, etc.) and also GM plant.

She obtained a research grant on the principle of precaution, GMOs and the protection of health.

Under the project XENOME commissioned by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme, Dr. Sobbrio is currently studying the literature on public consultations in xenotransplantation, the interactions among society, experts and laws in animals to humans transplant and, more generally, on public attitudes regarding animal biotechnology.

(November, 2011)

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Paola Sobbrio


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