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Avril Accolla

Avril Accolla, graduated with distinction in Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano, with the thesis 'Designing the normality'. Specialises in: Design Direction, Diversity, Marketing, Training Management, Prototyping.

Professional works since 1998, in 2002 opened her own professional studio, avrildesign (product, systems and multimedia), particularly focusing on Design for All (DfA). Co-founder and partner Confluenze Design-Ergonomics-Marketing Associated Studies.
Managed a production engineering R&D department focusing on industrialisation of innovative products also in mechanical and medical area.
Cooperates with professional studios and companies, national and international, for innovation in the sectors of High Technology, Product, Research & Development.
Consultancy for some companies among which BTicino (DfA projects and DfA consultancy on company culture and new products) and Galbani (on-going projects).

Professor and lecturer in many universities, from 2011 Professore "per Chiara Fama" - "Renowned Academic" at Politecnico di Milano given on the basis of the multiple remarkable contributions to both the scientific and the professional community, both on national and international level on her research themes such as Inclusive Design, Design for All and Human Factors Design relating to Holistic Ergonomics.
International Scientific Director for the spanish research project "DfA Curricula in Universities".
Among her pubblications, in 2014 3° reprint of her the book 'Design for All. The project for the real individual' published by FrancoAngeli.
Past Vice-President EIDD DfA Europe, Past Vice-president DfA Italia, Professional Member ADI.

Works fluently in Italian, English and Spanish, notions of Chinese.

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Avril Accolla
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