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A Year in Responsible Innovation

Jack Stilgoe is a leader in the academic study of Responsible Innovation. He has recently posted an entry on his blog entitled A year (and a bit) in responsible innovation on his blog, a light hearted, informative article about his experience over the last year. - Leggi Leggi

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Browsing with the Foundation

Do you have 1 minute 20 seconds to spare? Watch the clip and take a moment to look at some pages, read recent and old articles and give your opinion. Then become our friend through the various social networks that we participate in. - Leggi Leggi

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how to use
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Harvard's Journalist's Resource Center

At the University of Harvard staff have created a Journalist's Resource Center, in order to provide writers with access to reports that may help them in their work. - Leggi Leggi

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cc - photo by bupowski from Flickr
Read also: I nuovi traguardi dell'open science by Angela Simone
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Can We Improve the Health of the Planet?

In December and January Jonathan Hankins published a series of posts on the Technology Bloggers community blog entitled 'Can We Improve the Health of the Planet?' an extension of his work on the subject of 'Sustainability as Responsibility'. - Leggi Leggi

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Technology Bloggers New Year Awards

New year's eve saw the Technology Bloggers website announce the winners of several prizes, and the Bassetti Foundation's Jonathan Hankins took 2. - Leggi Leggi

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Technology Bloggers New Year Awards
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iGEM Synthetic Biology World Championships

In this post we review the 2011 iGEM World Championship Jamboree and take a look back at articles published on this site that address the topic of synthetic biology. - Leggi Leggi

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cc - photo by Alexander van Dijk from Flickr

Is Citizen Science Coming of Age?

In this post Jonathan Hankins takes a look at a scientific breakthrough made by players of the online game 'Fold.it', and casts a glance at other citizen science projects. - Leggi Leggi

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Teaching science in schools, some ideas

Science learning in the classroom presents the opportunity for teachers to introduce the problems of ethics and responsibility at an early age. In this post we look at 3 UK based projects that all aim to develop science teaching and involve the students in innovative ways - Leggi Leggi

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Inhabitat: Design will save the world

Inhabitat is a weblog devoted to the future of design that carries some very interesting stories. Their focus is upon tracking innovations in design, materials and practices that are pushing architecture and home design towards a more sustainable future - Leggi Leggi

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Inhabitat logo
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Genetica "fai da te" dai microfoni di formicablu

formicablu ha intercettato l'incontro con Margaret Curnutte svoltosi il 16 maggio 2011 presso la sede della Fondazione Bassetti, intervistando Francesca Petrera e la stessa Curnutte per il programma PiGreco Party in onda ogni settimana in diretta su Radio Città del Capo di Bologna. - Leggi Leggi

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formicablu podcast
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Home genetic testing and the law

As a lead up to the presentation entitled that will be delivered by Margaret Curnutte here at the Bassetti Foundation in Milan on 16th May I would like to take a brief look at the way in which the legal community and governmental regulatory organizations view the problem of home genetic testing. - Leggi Leggi

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cc - photo by Markus Kison from Flickr

A threat to internet democracy?

Last week George Monbiot's blog hosted by the Guardian UK featured an interesting follow on article about the problem of astroturfing. Astroturfing is the action of taking fake identities to post comments on blogs in favour of or against political arguments and issues. - Leggi Leggi

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cc - photo by Tofom from Flickr
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The Age Of The Genome

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the historic announcement made by then president of the US Bill Clinton of the first sequencing of the human genome BBC Radio 4 are broadcasting a series entitled The Age Of The Genome conducted by evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins. - Leggi Leggi

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cc - photo by Fabio Panico from Flickr
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Open Culture

The website Open Culture describes itself as "The best free cultural & educational media on the web". A claim that certainly sounds worthy of investigation. In this posting we take a quick look at some of the articles posted on the site that may be of interest to the Bassetti Foundation. - Leggi Leggi

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Open Culture Site
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Oversights in Oversighting Nanotechnology

In this article Jonathan Hankins follows up on his series of postings on nanotechnology by taking a look at the recent report entitled Oversight of Next Generation Nanotechnology written by J Clarence Davies and published by The Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars. - Leggi Leggi

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Oversight of Next Generation Nanotechnology
See also: post on Nanotechnologies in Focus
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A look at The Hastings Centre Bioethics Forum

Continuing his investigation into the work of the Hastings Center Jonathan Hankins takes a look at their bioethics forum and blog, and browses through various other related blogs from their blogroll. - Leggi Leggi

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A look at The Hastings Centre Bioethics Forum
Read also: The interview with President of The Hastings Center, Thomas Murray "Genomics and sustainable medicine" and "Is ethics a branch of Politics?"
Categorie Forum, Site

Ethical Decision Making During A (Possible) Flu Pandemic

As a first introduction to the complex problems of bio-ethics and scenario planning Jonathan Hankins signposts an article that addresses the problem of the distribution of scarse medical resources in times of crisis. - Leggi Leggi

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Citizen Participation in Science and Technology

In this posting I would like to have a look at the work of the CIPAST project and a report published late last year by Chloe Alexander of the University of Padova in which she describes and analises the workings and perceived effectiveness of the project. - Leggi Leggi

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A responsible choice in fuel

The 2007 Innovation award at the Cylch Wales Recycling Awards went to Sundance Renewables, a not-for-profit social enterprise, that in 2004 set up the first community based biodiesel production plant in the UK. - Leggi Leggi

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biofuels pomp India
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Marketing music on the web

Without a doubt the internet has changed the face of the music industry, creating commercial and marketing opportunities for musicians and record companies. - Leggi Leggi

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site: Marillon
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Buying spy technology on the web

The development of miniature video and sound recording equipment means that DIY spying has never been easier. A quick internet search reveals an incredible world of cheaply and freely available spy technology. What does this tell us about "responsible" use of technology, and about the current state of (or the perceived need of) responsibility in innovation? - Leggi Leggi

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Political Humour in the Blogosphere.

"Web 2.0, the interactive interface of the World Wide Web, has opened up a multimedia and multimodal environment that is deeply transforming several discursive practices, among them political communication. Wherever..." - Leggi Leggi

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Guido Fawkes' blog
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