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Technology in wartime conference

"Technology in Wartime" is a 1 day conference to be held January 26, 2008, at Stanford University Law School sponsored by “computer professionals for social responsibility”, and will attract an international audience of computer scientists, policy makers, military professionals, human rights workers, and academics. The goal of this non-partisan conference will be to consider the ethical implications of wartime technologies and how these technologies are likely to affect civilization in years to come. Ultimately the question that the organizers pose is this: What should socially-responsible computer professionals do in a time of high tech warfare?
The conference is divided into 5 sections entitled; autonomous weapons and human responsibility, surveillance, cyberterrorism, smart soldiers in battle and what would socially-responsible computer scientists do?
Papers address issues such as how technology is used during war, not only for combat but also to maintain privacy to enable soldiers to document their experiences on the Internet and in human rights interventions.
Speakers include Ronald C Arkin of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Patrick Ball, a leading innovator in applying scientific measurement to human rights, Dr Herb Lin, chief scientist at the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board and internationally renowned “security guru” Bruce Schneier.
The Bassetti Foundation America correspondent Jeff Ubois will speak during the final session and the proceeds will be broadcast live on the Internet.

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Conference: Technology in Wartime
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