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Our Web Site is Changing Layout and Structure

In its first years, the Giannino Bassetti Foundation devoted itself to delve into the subject of Innovation through its web site.
Now the Foundation is working through various channels: papers, training activities, research sponsorships, cooperation with other institutions, whether user of the FGB outputs, or sharing with FGB an interest in the subject of Responsible Innovation.
The new web site is going to reflect this deep change through an evolution of its graphic image and editorial structure.
This change is immediately visible in the form of the blogs: some of them have been closed, as their subjects are naturally concluded, some others from today on are going to be identified with the name of their author (for instance, the readers will be able to find all the materials of the blog "Innovation, Risk and Governance" under the name of Daniele Navarra, who always has taken care of it).
This deep change is enriched by the start of a new and prestigious blog directed by Jeff Ubois, the presentation of which can be found inside the pages of his blog.
The graphic image already adopted for the new blogs will progressively characterize all the new pages of the site.
We'll be very pleased not only to receive any comment about the topics proposed by Dubois, but also with any remark about the new graphic design, hoping that our readers will forgive some imperfections due to the transition phase.

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