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The 'moral imperative' of biotech food

Among the many U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks is one that details U.S. pressure on the Vatican to change its stance on agricultural biotechnology. U.S. officials stated "We will continue to press the "moral imperative" of biotech... - More More

by Redazione FGB, 4 January 2011 Permalink

screen capture of WikiLeaks
Categories Biotechnology, Policy

Media, Innovation, and Bioethics

Media play a major role in the healthcare system, affecting medical research, public policy, clinical practice, and self care. Many of the goals of bioethical practice, including patient wellness, patient autonomy, and social justice, and the trend in medicine towards... - More More

by Redazione FGB, 9 July 2009 Permalink

Media, Innovation, and Bioethics
Categories Biotechnology, Media

Nature, New Yorker on Cognitive Enhancement

Back in December, Nature published a remarkable editorial, Towards Responsible Use of Cognitive-enhancing Drugs by the Healthy, that concludes "Safe and effective cognitive enhancers will benefit both the individual and society...But it would also be foolish to ignore problems that such use of drugs could create or exacerbate." - More More

by Redazione FGB, 5 May 2009 Permalink

Categories Biotechnology, Sociology

An Interview With Dr. Ignacio Chapela

Ignacio Chapela is an assistant professor at University of California Berkeley, who, with colleague David Quist, discovered that illegally grown, genetically modified corn contaminated traditional heirloom corn in Oaxaca, Mexico. That discovery touched off a major controversy, and illuminates many... - More More

by Redazione FGB, 17 November 2006 Permalink

Ignacio Chapela
Categories Biotechnology, Interview

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