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The mechanization of Empathy in Health Care - 2. Takanori Shibata

Second part of the report on "technology and empathy in the context of health care" held in January. During the conference, Dr. Shibata presented essential aspects of the idea of a "Robot Therapy". Dr. Shibata is Senior Researcher at Japan's Institute of Advanced Industrial Sciences and Technology AIST (Tsukuba, Japan). He is the inventor of PARO. - More More

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Springer Handbook of Robotics

On February 5, the "Springer Handbook of Robotics" by Bruno Siciliano and Oussama Khatib has won two awards "PROS Awards 2008". Prose Awards are the American equivalent of the Oscar awards in the scientific and professional field. Inside, a chapter of Veruggio and Operto entitled "Roboethics: Social and Ethical Implications of Robotics" which discusses the basic principles of roboethics, new ethics applied to robotics and robot lemmas. - More More

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Springer Handbook of Robotics
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The mechanization of Empathy in Health Care - 1. Maja J. Matarić

On January 24, 2009 was held at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto an international workshop on "technology and empathy in the context of health care". Given the thematic orientation of this blog, the followsing report will concentrate on the second half of the workshop (centered on the relational implications of the therapeutic use of robots) that was organized around the interventions of two internationally recognised pioneers in the therapeutic use of robots. - More More

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Maja J. Matarić

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