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Technoscientific Innovation

"Responsibility and New Models of Democracy in Science and Society Relationship" I libri della Fondazione Giannino Bassetti, Bubbettino, 2008. Edited by Giuseppe Pellegrini. The rhythm and all pervading nature of techno-scientific innovation and its products pose new questions for politicians, at a historical moment when decisions concerning public property and citizens' life cannot be taken by élite decision makers alone, in agreement with scientists or experts in various sectors. - More More

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Technoscientific Innovation
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Scienza e Governance

The relationships between science and society are at the centre of a European project aimed at building a "knowledge based society" but they also represent an extremely problematic element. The Bassetti foundation has published an Italian translation of the European report "Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously" through the publishing house Rubbettino Editrice. - More More

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Scienza Governance
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