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Innovation is the ability to achieve the improbable

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Innovation, Risk and Governance

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Towards a new model of governance to manage new technologies in organizations - Part 5. Conclusion

We argued that the risks and challenges of digitally interoperable enterprise architectures that define the environment of contemporary organisations cannot be understood solely by looking at the traditional distinction between... - More More

by Redazione FGB, 29 December 2007 Permalink


Towards a new model of governance to manage new technologies in organizations - Part 4. Putting it all together

The issues briefly sketched above lead us to discuss the risk and challenges for the creation digitally interoperable enterprise architecture between the public and the private sectors along three key... - More More

by Redazione FGB, 30 November 2007 Permalink

aerial perspective

Towards a new model of governance to manage new technologies in organizations - Part 1: Introduction

According to a recent report of the META Group Inc. (2006) , requirements for digital interoperability between the public and private sectors will drive enterprise architecture over the next years, impacting 50% of the Fortune 500 companies and extending into the global domain. - More More

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An extract from the Oxford English Dictionary about the definition of the term 'policy'

III. 8. attrib. and Comb., as (sense 5) policy decision, document, -maker, -making, statement; policy-making adj.; policy science (see quot. 1951); hence policy scientist. 1960 I. JEFFERIES Dignity & Purity... - More More

by Redazione FGB, 6 March 2006 Permalink

Oxford English Dictionary
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Novel ideas on development, rogue states and international law: Hilary Benn and Tony Blair explain the new doctrine

Hilary Benn, state secretary for international development after Claire Short, has recently made a remarkable address on the new development doctrine in a lecture which took place the 4th of... - More More

by Redazione FGB, 11 March 2004 Permalink

Benn and Blair in Addis Ababa - 2004
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