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Innovation is the ability to achieve the improbable

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Innovation, Risk and Governance

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Experiments Without Borders? Ethical and Participatory Approaches to New Technologies

Sheila Jasanoff delivered the BIOS Annual Lecture chaired by Nikolas Rose at the London School of Economics. The title parallels some of the issues that have been recently discussed by the Giannino Bassetti Foundation's web-site about 'Science, Politics & Responsibility'. - More More

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Terri Schiavo: Innovation, Decision Making and the Future of Ethics

Across the Atlantic, people are shocked to watch in real time the 'phasing out' of Terri Schiavo, which has been declared as living in a 'vegetative state' as a result... - More More

by Redazione FGB, 2 April 2005 Permalink

Terri Schiavo
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On the Governance of International Business Standards, a letter by Sunil Bedi

I have been concerned about governance of international business standards. Here are my thoughts: The article raised issues that will become increasingly significant in defining international commerce and related exchanges.... - More More

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Bhopal 4-5-1969

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