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Innovation is the ability to achieve the improbable

Cristina Grasseni

The Anthropology of Innovation

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How to map complex issues?

In this interview, taken at the Cerisy colloquium organised by Bruno Latour and Philippe Descola on "L'anthropologie historique de la raison scientifique", (July 12th- 19th 2006), Cristina Grasseni gathered Bruno Latour's view s on responsible innovation and its relevance to the research agenda of historians, anthropologists, philosophers and sociologists of science. - More More

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foto Franz Wamhof (part)
See also: Latour in the Call fro Comment Which responsibility?

'Which responsibility?' Chiusura del call

Chiudendo questo call for comments sullo statuto corrente della responsabilità dell'innovazione, ringrazio tutti coloro che hanno partecipato e si sono interrogati sulle questioni poste. Gli interventi - come era naturale... - More More

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Which responsibility? -part 2- (...continues from the previous entry)

First of all thanks to all those who have so far contributed to this call for comments, which I plan to close on April 1st. I briefly recapitulate the line... - More More

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Which responsibility? - part 1- ...This call for comments continues in the next entry...

The ambitious goal of this call is that of initiating an exploration of possible ways of reflecting on the concepts of responsibility and innovation, without losing sight of the social,... - More More

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