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Looking back to our 2022

by Redazione FGB [1], 19 January 2023

2022 was one of our busiest and most productive years to date, and one in which we celebrated the successful completion of two large projects. This post offers just a snapshot of events and themes that we carry forward into 2023.

2022 saw the final conferences and publication of all findings and deliverables of both the TRANSFORM and the FETA - Fair Energy Transition for All project.

As regular readers might recall, the aim of the TRANSFORM project [2] was to develop and put experimental approaches into practice that involve the citizen in regional research and innovation governance to achieve more open, inclusive and democratic territorial development. Alongside the Regional Government of Lombardy, the Foundation has developed techniques for participatory research agenda setting [3] and public deliberation for policy making that can be used across diverse forms of governance long into the future [4].

The Bassetti foundation held the role of Policy Partner for Italy in the Fair Energy Transition for All (FETA [5]) initiative, engaging a group of experts in the field of energy poverty and energy transition to develop policy recommendations and solutions [6] for national decision makers based on the concerns and experiences of more vulnerable members of society.

The Foundation continues its participation through 2023 as Deputy Coordinator in the EU H2020 project MOSAIC - Mission-Oriented Swafs to Advance Innovation through Co-creation [7].
MOSAIC is a research project coordinated by Stickydot whose aim is to study, test and assess how solutions to challenges such as leading big cities towards climate neutrality can be made possible and enhanced by actively involving all concerned actors through sound methodological approaches. In particular, MOSAIC focuses on understanding how the full role of citizens in co-innovation can be met and fairly rewarded.
To do so, MOSAIC is conducting research activities as well as designing and implementing co-creation processes in two pilot cities: Milan and Göteborg.

Shaping the Next Generation
2022 also saw the Foundation drive the training and education aspects of its mission forward, hosting a series of seminars [8] on longevity and innovation jointly promoted with Fondazione Ravasi-Garzanti that saw Director of the UK National Innovation Center for Ageing Nic Palmarini and interdisciplinary sociologist Chiara Saraceno deliver the first two of an ongoing series of presentations. The theme of longevity was also explored through two interventions offered by the Foundation at the Milan Polytechnic School of Design, an Ambassador course entitled 'A Society for All Ages; longevity-driven Design' and through coaching on the final synthesis course 'Human Design' led by Professor and Designer Giulio Ceppi.
The Foundation also collaborated with Politiké, the school of politics run by Confcooperative Lombardia and Irecoop, offering workshops [9] and a host of other interventions all aiming at constructing industrial leaders for the future [10], also developing an initiative dedicated to communities of practice [11] within the non-profit Sector with partners Eureka, Stiima-CNR, Milan Polytechnic and ComoNext.

Books and Reports
We also held several book presentations in Milan, hosting (amongst others) Veronica Barassi [12] and Enrico De Corso [13], and published a series of book reviews, addressing issues from responsible innovation in health [14] to the use of social media during times of revolution [15], and meditation as a tool for the achievement of responsible innovation [16].
Alongside the familiar reviews of the Journal of Responsible Innovation [17] the website also carried reviews and reports from seminars on sustainable research [18], alternative food resources [19], Eldertech [20], responsible computing [21] and delta and river basin management [22], not to mention an open lecture from René von Schomberg [23].

A busy year indeed.


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Looking back to our 2022
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