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2007 FGB Grants

by Redazione FGB [1], 13 April 2007

Once again this year FGB is making 5 grants available to doctoral candidates and post-docs interested in attending the conference entitled Exercices de métaphysique empirique (autour des travaux de Bruno Latour).

Bruno Latour, philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist, is the author of an internationally recognized body of work that has been translated into several languages. His books on science and technology are now considered authoritative works on the subject. Recently, his research and theoretical reflections have focused on environmental issues, religion, law and politics.
The conference entitled Exercices de métaphysique empirique (autour des travaux de Bruno Latour), that will be held from June 23 to 30, 2007 at the Centre Culturel International in Cerisy-la-Salle (F), will be an opportunity to reflect upon the originality of his work and to debate the underlying theme that ties together the various topics addressed by Latour: the variety of modes of existence and regimes of enunciation.
During the conference, some sections will be devoted to discussions centered around the manuscript for Bruno Latour's next book which reflects upon the path taken so far, paving the way to new perspectives. Leading intellectuals such as Andrew Barry, François Cooren, Lorraine Daston, Antoine Hennion, Donald Mackenzie, Isabelle Stengers and Peter Weibel have agreed to debate specific aspects of the manuscript, interjecting their thought on it.
Other sections will take the form of workshops led by experts such as Andreas Mayer, Pierre Lagrange, Graham Harman and Emmanuel Didier.
Last year, at the conference led by Bruno Latour and Philippe Descola devoted to L'anthropologie historique de la raison scientifique, held in Cerisy-la-Salle from July 12 to 19, 2006, the Giannino Bassetti Foundation was represented by Cristina Grasseni. The 2006 Cerisy conference brought together experts in the history of science, philosophy and anthropology to discuss the birth of scientific thought in different parts of the world. FGB made 10 grants to attend the conference available which were awarded to 10 young, brilliant scholars from around the world.

The 5 grants this year are intended to cover the cost of staying at Cerisy-la-Salle for the duration of the conference (June 23 to 30, 2007). In order to receive a grant, the applicant must be enrolled in or have completed a doctoral degree program and be proficient in French and English. Preference will be given to students from eastern and southern countries. The applicant's c.v. along with a letter describing why the applicant wants to attend the conference must be received by May 15, 2007 and should be sent to the attention of Cristina Grasseni (grasseni@fondazionebassetti.org). Applicants will be notified of the results by May 30, 2007.

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