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Notes from the Responsible Innovation Conference

The Responsible Innovation conference, held in Den Haag April 18-19, 2011, was a milestone in discussions of responsible innovation. - More More

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program cover Responsible Innovation Conference
Categories Innovation, Policy

New Publication from FGB: Conversations on Innovation, Power and Responsibility

The Fondazione Giannino Bassetti's new publication, Conversations on Innovation, Power and Responsibility highlights approaches to responsibility in innovation taken by leading practitioners in disruptive fields. - More More

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Conversations on Innovation, Power and Responsibility
Categories Books, Innovation, Policy

Nature, New Yorker on Cognitive Enhancement

Back in December, Nature published a remarkable editorial, Towards Responsible Use of Cognitive-enhancing Drugs by the Healthy, that concludes "Safe and effective cognitive enhancers will benefit both the individual and society...But it would also be foolish to ignore problems that such use of drugs could create or exacerbate." - More More

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Categories Biotechnology, Sociology

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